• I am definitely impressed by CAC’s involvement and commitment in the entire recruitment process. CAC has provided me with sufficient resources to prepare for the interview and has done an excellent job with negotiation in terms of salary and bonus. CAC was available for additional consultation services while I was ready to make an important decision. Most importantly, CAC believes in building and maintaining a long term relationship. My overall experience with Ben has been excellent. He is very transparent in his communication and he clearly understands what the employers are looking for from new and/or experienced CPAs. During my first meeting with Ben, his main objective was to clearly understand my skills, qualification and expectations so that he can find me a position which is a good fit for me.

    Senior Financial Analyst, FP&A, Mining sector [candidate]


  • I appreciated the fact that Bill listened to what I was looking for and provided roles aligned to it. He was always available for me to ask questions or make phone calls, even on days he had off. It felt like a genuine effort from him to help me get to the point in my career I was trying to versus the focus being on getting commission from the recruiting fee, which has been the case with other recruiting firms that I’ve dealt with. They would ignore any preferences I had for roles and would push roles I had no interest in on to me. Bill was great. He was friendly, professional, catered to my career goals, and was always available for any questions or concerns I had. He was especially helpful between the time from the offer being made to me accepting it, offering his advice on how to handle the negotiations and understanding all aspects of what the benefits entailed. I definitely feel like I made the right decision and have no regrets from leaving my prior job.

    Manager, FP&A, Entertainment sector [candidate]
  • Since I first met with CAC in 2013, they have always reached out to see how I was doing in my career in a non-intrusive way (e.g. not calling me at work).  CAC was the first recruiting firm that I contacted when I returned from my trip this past summer. Adele was very supportive and easy to talk to. I appreciated her keeping me in the loop regarding next steps in the interview process and promptly providing feedback (from the company’s perspective) on my interviews. I am very excited about this opportunity. I think it will be an incredible learning and career development opportunity for me.

    Vice President of Finance & Operations, Investment sector [candidate]


  • I appreciated the clarity and frequency of communication, as well as the personal attention and time given. Both Ben & Bill were excellent in this regard and I did not feel like a “number”. I felt that the roles that were presented to me by CAC were the type of opportunities that aligned with my career goals and CAC’s client's run interesting businesses. The FP&A role was something I strongly desired. The role that CAC connected me with hit off many of my personal checkmarks/wishlists and it proved to be something that was too good to pass up.

    Senior Financial Analyst, FP&A, Technology sector [candidate]
  • I had an incredible experience working with Adele at CAC. Adele became my personal advisor, supporter and mentor during my interview process. At the beginning of the process, she provided me with a lot of helpful materials and information for my preparations. Adele kept me informed at every stage in the interview process and tried to provide me with as much feedback as she could get from the company, helping me to progress. She always listened to everything I had to say before/after each interview, and provided me with her insights and advice. When deciding about the role, she made sure I considered all the criteria that I found important and that I thought through whether this was the right opportunity for me. The company seems to have an amazing culture, work/life balance, benefits, and incredible opportunity for growth within the FP&A department. In addition, the role seems to have various facets to it which would allow me to get exposure to different departments, resulting in me growing both professionally and personally.

    Senior Financial Analyst, FP&A, Pharmacuetical sector [candidate]


  • I worked with both John and Bill. I was comfortable knowing that both are professionals in their fields with years of experience. John being my first contact at CAC, I appreciate that he did not bombard me with all the available job opportunities, but instead took the time to recognize what my interests were and only presented opportunities which were aligned. For this specific role, I worked closely with Bill who was exceptional in breaking down the background of the company, made sure I was prepared for the interview and patiently answered all my questions. It was nice to know that he also helped recruit several existing employees of the company and thus was able to provide valuable insight. I found this experience handled in a very professional manner. Bill definitely kept me in the loop with timely updates. I also value the amount of time spent prepping me for the initial interview. I was surprised by the due diligence CAC completed with respect to reference checks; however, it did make me feel more comfortable knowing the process and I would definitely rely on CAC in the future should I be hiring for my own team.

    Finance Manager, Technology sector [candidate]


  • The major differentiator between CAC and other boutique recruitment firms is the fact that I could talk to anyone at CAC. I like that everyone at CAC works together as a team, rather than as individual recruiters. The overall experience was a higher level of professionalism and I felt that CAC was working on my side, not just in their best interest. Finally, the quality of jobs CAC presented to me was at a higher level than some of the other firms. The jobs were more interesting and relevant to my career goals than some of the other recruitment firms.”

    Senior Financial Analyst, Telecommunications industry [candidate]


  • Adele and Bill were extremely attentive and were very good at both prepping for the interview and in following up directly after the interview. As a candidate there is nothing more frustrating than sitting around waiting on feedback from a potential employer.  They ensured that the transfer of information to and from the employer was quick and painless. Unlike other recruitment firms I was sent background information and articles on the potential employer…as a candidate it was great to see the time investment put in by the recruiter to gather this information. They provided me with an opportunity that has already afforded me many great experiences on a professional level and thankfully has pushed my career progression forward very quickly.”

    Controller, Automotive industry [candidate]