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We are true recruitment consultants to both employers and candidates.  Our process goes well beyond simply emailing candidate resumes to employers and hoping to create a match. We get to know our candidates through an extensive career consultation, allowing us to provide employers with a detailed understanding of our candidate’s key strengths, technical knowledge, work experience and career goals.  We make sure you are taking the time to meet the right candidates for your position, removing the ‘guess work’ out of selecting which candidates to interview.

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  • I had an incredible experience working with Adele at CAC. Adele became my personal advisor, supporter and mentor during my interview process. At the beginning of the process, she provided me with a lot of helpful materials and information for my preparations. Adele kept me informed at every stage in the interview process and tried to provide me with as much feedback as she could get from the company, helping me to progress. She always listened to everything I had to say before/after each interview, and provided me with her insights and advice. When deciding about the role, she made sure I considered all the criteria that I found important and that I thought through whether this was the right opportunity for me. The company seems to have an amazing culture, work/life balance, benefits, and incredible opportunity for growth within the FP&A department. In addition, the role seems to have various facets to it which would allow me to get exposure to different departments, resulting in me growing both professionally and personally.

    Senior Financial Analyst, FP&A, Pharmacuetical sector [candidate]
  • Ben and Adele were great. It just happened that I got the first interview they placed me at so I didn’t have that much back and forth with them. With that being said, they have been great with setting me up and following up. Compared to other firms, they provided more resources in terms of interview & resume help. I am really enjoying the team so far, the role seems great.

    Senior Financial Analyst, FP&A,
  • It was a pleasure working with my main CAC contact. Bill took the time to get to know my skillset and the type of roles I was interested in. He was respectful of my schedule and I felt roles that were shared with me were very much in line with my interests. I felt that I was being provided roles which were consistent with what I communicated to CAC that I was interested in. Though I had limited experiences with other firms, I often felt bombarded with a myriad of roles which were not necessarily what I was interested in.

    Senior Financial Analyst, Reporting,