Who are we?

 Canadian Accounting Consultants is a specialized recruitment firm focused exclusively on career and placement services for Chartered Professional Accountants (CPAs) in the Toronto area. Our extensive experience providing meaningful career consultations to candidates and successful recruitment solutions to employers allow us to offer superior service and genuine advice.

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Our History

Founded in 2010 by experienced recruitment professionals with a passion for working with Chartered Accountants, we formed a niche that was a first in Toronto to focus on one accounting designation.  As CAs continue to qualify under the legacy CA program, we welcomed the new CPA program and accounting professionals qualifying under the newly created Chartered Professional Accountant designation.  Both CPA-CAs and CPAs can now partner with us for career opportunities.  Canadian Accounting Consultants was founded on the principle that you cannot be everything to everyone – our focus and disciplined approach allows us to provide excellent service and deliver quality results.

Why Partner with us?

CPA Career Consultations

We receive excellent feedback from candidates on the helpfulness of this service during their career search as they seek to understand how their skills and experience will be marketable and competitive to different types of opportunities. Candidates currently seeking new career opportunities within our areas of specialization can simply contact us by phone or email to discuss eligibility for our free career consultation services.

Experience & Expertise

With an experienced team of career recruitment professionals, Canadian Accounting Consultants has the expertise to provide an informative and helpful career transition for candidates and a successful hiring process for employers. Our consultants have the experience and information you need to navigate the current market and partner with you for search success.

Proven Results

Evident from our extensive list of testimonials and positive feedback from both employers and candidates, Canadian Accounting Consultants has established itself as a top tier recruiting firm for Chartered Professional Accountants. Since our founding in 2010, we have placed hundreds of candidates in high quality opportunities with top employers in all sectors across the Greater Toronto Area.

Integrity & Professionalism

Ingrained in our approach, we pride ourselves on operating with a high level of integrity and professionalism in all our interactions. We are trusted advisers to candidates and employers offering genuine advice and transparent recruitment services.


Canadian Accounting Consultants was founded on the principle that Chartered Professional Accountants and the employers who hire them will benefit significantly from a dedicated recruitment service to the CPA profession. Our firm is dedicated to providing both candidates and employers with an exceptional placement experience that extends far beyond simply introducing resumes and facilitating the hiring process.


We aim to be a trusted advisor and search partner of choice to CPAs and employers hiring CPAs in the Greater Toronto Area.


Our mission is helping CPAs and employers make informed career and hiring decisions by offering extensive expertise, genuine advice and specialized recruitment solutions tailored exclusively to the CPA profession. To accomplish this we provide our candidates with free career consultation services and resume advice along with great opportunities where they can be challenged and progress their careers. We provide our employment partners with well-informed candidates whose skills and experience align with their open positions while being an excellent fit for their organization to create an ideal match between candidate and employer.


We are a proud team of experienced career recruitment professionals who adhere to the highest level of integrity and professionalism. We operate with transparency engaging in open and honest two-way communication which creates a meaningful relationship as a trusted advisor of choice for candidates and employers.  We work collaboratively in a team-driven environment which demonstrates respect, inclusion, diversity and people development.


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  • I had an incredible experience working with Adele at CAC. Adele became my personal advisor, supporter and mentor during my interview process. At the beginning of the process, she provided me with a lot of helpful materials and information for my preparations. Adele kept me informed at every stage in the interview process and tried to provide me with as much feedback as she could get from the company, helping me to progress. She always listened to everything I had to say before/after each interview, and provided me with her insights and advice. When deciding about the role, she made sure I considered all the criteria that I found important and that I thought through whether this was the right opportunity for me. The company seems to have an amazing culture, work/life balance, benefits, and incredible opportunity for growth within the FP&A department. In addition, the role seems to have various facets to it which would allow me to get exposure to different departments, resulting in me growing both professionally and personally.

    Senior Financial Analyst, FP&A, Pharmacuetical sector [candidate]
  • Ben and Adele were great. It just happened that I got the first interview they placed me at so I didn’t have that much back and forth with them. With that being said, they have been great with setting me up and following up. Compared to other firms, they provided more resources in terms of interview & resume help. I am really enjoying the team so far, the role seems great.

    Senior Financial Analyst, FP&A,
  • It was a pleasure working with my main CAC contact. Bill took the time to get to know my skillset and the type of roles I was interested in. He was respectful of my schedule and I felt roles that were shared with me were very much in line with my interests. I felt that I was being provided roles which were consistent with what I communicated to CAC that I was interested in. Though I had limited experiences with other firms, I often felt bombarded with a myriad of roles which were not necessarily what I was interested in.

    Senior Financial Analyst, Reporting,