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  • I have worked with Bill McNeil at Canadian Accounting Consultants several times since 2010, both as a client and as a candidate.  He has a tremendous amount of integrity and operates with your best interests at heart.  I truly believe in the authenticity in the way he operates and his ability to execute a mandate, from presenting the best candidates available to the offer signing.”

    Manager - Accounting Policy, Utility industry [employer]
  • The experience working with CAC was a lot better than other firms.  They contacted me consistently for any job postings, and also kept me up to date on the job interviews and responses from clients.  This was better than other recruiting firms, as they usually stop contacting you after one or two months. Bill was great to work with, and really understood what I was looking for as a candidate.  The best aspect was taking the time to explain to me what each individual role was, and the pros and cons of each.  He was also able to provide me with helpful advice as to how I could succeed at every opportunity presented.  I am really excited about the new opportunity. It seems like an opportunity with ample upward movement, and lots of learning opportunities.”

    Finance Manager, Telecommunications industry [candidate]
  • Canadian Accounting Consultants were less pushy and more focused on my needs rather than merely filling the role. Even after being offered the role that I interviewed for, my contact was honest with me and encouraged me to think about it rather than just accepting the offer straight away.  Other search firms push you towards the opportunities that they have at that time, rather than waiting for something that is relevant. John Donoghue was a pleasure to work with. He kept me constantly informed of the process the hiring company would go through, gave me a background on the individuals that I would be interviewing with so that I could be as prepared as possible for the interviews. I believe that this attention up front paid dividends for me at the interview stage and enabled me to beat competition from other search/recruitment companies.”

    Director - Internal Audit, Insurance industry [candidate]


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