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  • Ben and Adele were great. It just happened that I got the first interview they placed me at so I didn’t have that much back and forth with them. With that being said, they have been great with setting me up and following up. Compared to other firms, they provided more resources in terms of interview & resume help. I am really enjoying the team so far, the role seems great.

    Senior Financial Analyst, FP&A,
  • "The professionals at CAC are more open and honest, and are a lot more professional in comparison to other recruiting firms. In the event the main contact was not available, all the other contacts I dealt with at the firm were an absolute pleasure to work with. Bill McNeil was an absolute pleasure to work with. He was very professional, and provided the right technical guidance for all the questions I potentially had from the offer that was presented to me. He was also very open and honest about feedback and potential short comings. He is by far one of the best recruiters I have used in Canada."

    Director - Investment Reporting, Investment industry [candidate]
  • "John has been (and continues to be) great! Each time I talk to John, I get the sense that he is being genuine and upfront with me about the job market as well as the roles he presents to me. He clearly knows what I am looking for and isn’t afraid to give me constructive feedback about how to get those roles. I appreciated getting constructive feedback on my resume and subsequently being notified of opportunities that were actually consistent with what I was looking for, indicating the fact that I was listened to when I met with John for the first time."

    Senior Financial Analyst, Automotive industry [candidate]


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