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  • Compared to other recruiting firms, it felt like a more enjoyable process.  I have had issues where recruiting companies just gave resumes and I was the one reviewing them, but CAC made an effort to screen the candidates before forwarding their information to me.  CAC also seemed less pushy to make a connection and allowed me to make the connection that was needed with the candidate. Bill was great to work with. He could understand the needs of our company rather than through resumes to us for review.  Bill always inquired as to the status of the process from our point of view to ensure we were satisfied with the approach and provided assistance when needed.”

    Tax Director, Real Estate industry [employer]
  • "CAC was focused on my employment needs and educated me throughout the placement process as it related to the job market, overall placement process and expectations, which was a refreshing approach to see compared to other CA recruitment firms in the GTA, who seemed at times to be more focused on a quick placement vs. finding me the right fit. CAC was active and informative throughout my employment search process. Above all, they became a trusted professional who I would highly recommend to other job seekers. The role CAC placed me was exactly in line with my employment goals. The entire placement process was transparent, efficient and professional.”

    Finance Manager, Software industry [candidate]
  • CAC was very professional and provided many career resources and coaching throughout the interview process.  John and Adele took the time to understand my desired career path and were able to find a role that not only allow me to use my existing skillsets but also gives me the opportunity to develop new skills. CAC introduced me to an area that I was not aware of and introduced me to a role that effectively leverages my experience and skillsets.  I was very impressed with the partners at CA Consultants, and had a wonderful experience.”

    Senior Tax Analyst, Retail industry [candidate]


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